Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shop VAC mk III

So this shop vac has gone through a number of changes over it's life and i think this may it's last (who am i kidding as if this is going to be the last) I'm up to round three in collection containers post cyclone. The reason? Too much suction! It keeps crushing the plastic buckets / bins I've tried. So a permanent solution was in order. In the form of a really thick cardboard tube. The other thing that needed to be addressed was its size, it needed to have a smaller footprint.

So construction commenced. The running design was vertical in nature, so i added bricks to the base to promote stability. (I later regretted this when the entire weight of the setup landed on my foot!) All the materials used for this build are reclaimed / re-purposed with the exception of the four main posts.

The base complete. I intentionally left the pallet markings on the wood as i think its looks kinda cool. You don't? I don't care, it's happening.

Cutting the cyclone intake from the lid. It amazes me how much can be done with a 10 volt drill! Ideally this procedure should be done at the drill press but the lid wouldn't fit there. And i ignored my inner pat's demand to use a corded drill and used the cordless drill.

To make it easier to service the shopvac filter i installed draw slides so now the vac slides out when i need it to.

And the finished product! Finished with 2 coats of wipe on poly. The god awefull block next to the cyclone allows for the unit to be pulled by the vac hose without ripping the cyclone off the lid and thanks to the bricks doesn't tip over. All in all i think it was a win. Container no long collapses and takes up less floor space. Oh and the container is massive! Hopefully only requiring quarterly emptying.

Till next time.


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