Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sanding Cart

I've had a belt / disc sander for a couple of years and it's been placed on random flat surfaces around my shed. A couple of months ago i bought a oscillating spindle sander and that triggered this build. Can't have two homeless machines! As per the other carts I've made, this one is constructed with pine and plywood. Nothing special to mention about the build, butt joints for the pine and pocket holes for the plywood.

The finished cart.
Notable features include.
- 10W LED floodlight on a movable arm (re-purposed from an old ventilator)
- Intergrated dust extraction. I just need to connect one 10mm hose to the side of the cart to get dust extraction for all machines.
- LED strip lightening for the interior of the cart.
- Velcro on the side for spare sanding discs to stick to.
- Integrated power-board, only need to connect one plug to power to get power to all machines and lights.

I carefully considered the placement of the machines to allow for as small top as possible. Which for the most part worked, until i tried to change the sanding belt and found this task was impossible as some genius had put a spindle sander in the damn way! So back to the drawing board for a solution.

Which ended up mounting the spindle sander to a board adding some hinges and a piece of scrap steel to support it when its in the up position. This machine only weights 13kg and in the up position its right on its balance point negating the need for any additional support. The other machine weighs about 30kg, hence why I choose the spindle sander to tilt.

There is normally a cover over this area. Starting on the left is 2.5" dust port for the disc sander, 4 port power board, LED power supply, another 2 x 2.5" dust ports and finally on the right a 100mm dust port.

Aside from the hiccup with machine placement, this project went well and is very functional. And like everything else in my shed it's on wheels. I'll probably add shelves and doors to the bottom at some stage, once i worked out what to put in there.

Till next time.


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