Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finishes Cabinet

My finishes are nicely organised, but just not in the same location. Time to organise!

I thought i'd make it like a box, then cut it in half to make the two sides. Much easier then trying to make two identical halves.
I usually use the table saw to cut dado's but i thought i'd mix it up and busted out the router with a 12mm straight cut bit. (the same thickness as the plywood used.) These were for the shelves.

I also cut a rabbit into the front and back panels  
Glueing and nailing the shelves in place.

As the table saw is on wheels i thought it would be easiest to drag it outside and use the to line up the cut. Little precarious but went ok.

Finial cut. and now it should be in two.  Nope. The thing about using this technique to make a box is you can't have shelves in it, unless you have a blade that can reach over half way of the box. Which i do not. So quick trip down to the hardware saw to pick up the biggest handsaw they have.
And this why i don't use handsaws. Can't cut straight to save my life. So had big chunks missing from some of the shelves. No problem cut some scrapes to fit and glued and clamped them in place. Good excuse to try out the edge banding clamps.

Fished the whole thing in 2 coats of wipe on poly and added wheels to each half.

All and all, much learnt and much gained.


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