Sunday, November 30, 2014

Al gets a lathe!

The story starts as usual, me getting a deal. I was at a garage sale on the weekend and spotted a lathe. Mr man initially water $80, he had reduced it to $30 as it was getting late in the morning. I offered he $20 and a deal was done! When i was a kid i remember going to my grandparents house and being assisted by my grandfather, using the lathe. It was good times and not that difficult, well for basic stuff anyways. A lathe is something i've always been keen to have, every now and then a need for one arises (trivets for instance) but i've never been able to justify buying even a cheap lathe. Until now. It seems $20 is the buy in price for Al to buy a lathe.

A$20 lathe! It wasn't in bad condition little rusty, little been dropped from a bench, and average paint condition. As i had it outside i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it quick refresh.

So the following work was done.

  • Full nut and bolt teardown
  • Sand to bare metal and respray.
  • Bearings were in perfect shape, no movement side to side and spun freely.
  • Power switch also in very good shape, almost no wear to the contact pads.
  • Low friction tape applied to metal on metal contact points.
  • New power lead attached.
  • No bolts were included to keep the side door closed, so a 6mm thread was tapped to allow for the star knobs on the side.
All in all i'm rather pleased with the outcome. It was great to get some more practice with the spray gun. Hopefully now with its mid life update it'll continue to function for years to come.

Till next time.


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